Skate Fundamentals Drop-in (6 - 7PM)






About the Course

Whether you need to learn all of the basics, or just refresh your skills, these classes are a safe, supportive environment for you to get you confident on 8 wheels.

These 60 minute lessons start skaters with the basics of skating and falling and slowly move forward with ease into more challenging moves, building up the skaters knowledge, confidence and skill on their skates. The small class size allows each skater to get 1 on 1 attention from your skate instructor, who will make sure you are safe and working in correct form.

Our goal is to use positive reinforcement with every lesson to give our skaters the confidence they need to continue learning.

Don't have your own skates? Your rental skates are covered under the class price. Feel free to stay afterwards and put your new found skills to the rink afterwards!

Lessons will include but not be limited to:

Week 1: falling safely, bubbles, and a variety of stops.

Week 2 : backwards skating and cross-overs.

Week 3: transitions from forward to backwards, and backwards to forwards.

Week 4: recap or make-up week and fun things like how to shoot the duck.

Your Instructor

Brina Wyss

Brina Wyss