Frequently asked questions about our lessons, pricing, events, where to buy skates, and more.


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When is your next event? 

Right now we are gearing up for our second Annual Rollerskate Showdown, happening Sunday, October 9th 11AM to 6PM at Trail Winds Skate Park in Thornton, Colorado.


Skaters can sign up to compete here, and vendors can sign up here. Check out the event page for a complete breakdown. 

Are your classes suitable for all ages? 

Absolutely! All of our weekly classes are excellent for all types of skaters, no matter your age or skill level. 

What is the difference between a drop-in and your 4 week program? 

A drop-in pass is only $30, is good for one class, and can be used at any time.


A 4-week pass is $100, good for 4 classes, and can be used at any time

(it does not have to be used 4 weeks in a row) 

What is the difference between Skate Fundamentals, Roller Dance and Roller Dance 2? 

Skate Fundamentals covers all of the basics of roller skating, including basic maneuvers like how to fall safely, how to stop, how to skate backward, and more. This is a great class for the very beginner or someone needing a refresher. 

Roller Dance is best for skaters who are comfortable with basic movements and are wanting to learn rhythm, dance, and jam moves. This is a great class for skaters of all levels to work on technical skills. 

Roller Dance 2 focuses on refining the skills and techniques learned in Roller Dance, as well as incorporating new skills, exercises and movements. This is a great class for skaters of all levels who want to get comfortable with advanced techniques. 

I signed up for a class but now I can't make it. Can I still come another time? 

Not a problem! Your pass is good until the day you come in and attend a class. 


If you are signed up for a 4-week pass, you can come in for any 4 classes - it does not have to be in the same month.  

If you are signed up for a private lesson, please reach out to your instructor to reschedule for another time. 

We understand things happen and you can't always come to class - but if you can always let us know ahead of time - we always appreciate the courtesy!  

Are you a roller rink? Where are your classes located?

We are not a roller rink, but we do work directly with Roller City West in Lakewood to provide lessons, discos, and other community events.


For private lessons, you will work with your instructor to find the best location suitable for both of you. 

Do you provide rollerskates? 

No. Only classes held at Roller City come with the option of rental skates; if you need to pick up your own, head over to the Denver Skates Shop and try on a pair today!