Every Wednesday lesson purchase includes

FREE entry into Roller City's Adult Night!

Safety first!


All students must provide their own:

 Helmet + Knee Pads + Wrist Guards 

Roller skates can be rented!*

*Rentals only available for lessons hosted at Roller City.

Outdoor/skatepark classes/workshop attendees must provide their own roller skates. 

Skate Fundamentals with Brina

Lessons will include but not be limited to: 


Week 1: falling safely, bubbles, and a variety of stops.


Week 2: backwards skating and cross-overs.


Week 3: transitions from forward to backwards, and backwards to forwards.

Week 4: recap or make-up week and fun things like how to shoot the duck.


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Roller dance with ayla

Learn the basics to dancing on your skates with Ayla. In this class, you will learn basic dance steps like the Downtown, the G-Slide, and Crazy Legs.


Week 1: We will introduce the Zero, the Downtown, and Crazy Legs.


Week 2: We will review the Zero, the Downtown, and Crazy Legs, as well as add on a backward dance step called the Zig-Zag.


Week 3: We will review the Downtown and Crazy Legs, and add on the G-Slide and spins such as a heel-toe spin and compass spin.


Week 4:  We will review the 4-week steps as well as add on some fun moves like the coffin and shooting the duck.

roller dance 2 with ayla & han

Ayla and Han are a teaching duo that will challenge you, but also make sure you’re having a great time learning!

Week 1: Step Variations Class 


Week 2: Downtown Variations Class


Week 3: Slow Walk and G-Slide Variations



Week 4: Cumulative Review and other Group Dance Routines 

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