Afton Hill


Lesson Type
  • Roller Dance

  • Jam Skating

  • Private Lessons

Afton is CEO and founder of Denver Skates.


She is one amazing mom of 2 rad girls & one large fluffy puppy! Her skating goals are to be as versatile of a skater as possible.


After moving to Colorado from Louisiana, she began skating with Denver Roller Derby. Her passion for roller skating started many years ago from hearing stories of her mom playing ‘pretend’ roller derby in her grandmother’s carport as a little girl.


She is thrilled to be apart of the Denver skate community and even more stoked to bring as many new skaters into the roller dance community as she can!




Lesson Type
  • Roller Skate Fundamentals

  • Intermediate "All the Basics"

Whether going out for a joy trail skate, jamming in the rink, or shredding at the park, Brian loves it all!


She grew up on roller blades, but in 2019 she found her love for roller skates. She quickly realized her passion for park skating and it took over her life.


I took over the Denver chapter of CIB, for local meetups so everyone has a safe space to skate and a place to meet other locals.


I am also a certified beginner gymnastics coach. This helps me train more advanced moves to the park skaters! I can’t wait to help you reach your skating goals no matter how small or large they may be! 




Lesson Type
  • Skatepark Basics & Rails

  • Advanced Skills, Groups + Couples + Private Workshops

Angel is 24 years old, from San Antonio, Texas. He attempted roller skating as a kid and loved it, especially riding alongside bikes as a young child.


He was and is always on a pair of skates. On-and-off in high school, he would skate at the local roller rinks. He officially started in February 2018. I started learning how to be safe and have fun at roller rinks and skateparks.


I'm always happy to help with any questions you may have about your skates or just skating, in general. Hit me up on Instagram!




Lesson Type
  • Inline Fundamentals

Moved to Denver in 2018 from Burlington, Vermont. Before the move, if you caught Al on skates it would either be in an aggressive or a soft boot.


He fell in love with big wheel blading his first summer in Denver and hasn’t looked back. His comfort zone is either in a park or using the city as his playground. You can catch him on Wednesday nights shredding with the DUST crew.


Be it inline hockey, long distance cruises or even just skating a rink, he will find any excuse to roll. He’s looking forward to meeting everyone who wants to pick up the passion and live life on wheels.

Ayla and Han.jpeg



Lesson Type
  • Step Variations Class

  • Downtown Variations Class

  • Slow Walk and G-Slide Variations Class

  • Cumulative Review and other Group Dance Routines

Ayla and Han are a teaching duo that will challenge you, but also make sure you’re having a great time learning!


Being a duo, they offer more one-on-one rink time with students, since they can cover more ground as a team.

Han enjoys taking a more straightforward approach to your learning and drilling variations. Ayla enjoys repetition in counting and sound recognition to make sure your learning sticks around for the long-haul!

These two are a very charismatic team that will be there to support you every step of the way!


If you like having a good time, inclusivity, and challenging your already amazing abilities, they will be the perfect fit for you! All-in-all, they are here to take your skating to new heights!




Lesson Type
  • Skatepark Fundamentals

  • Skatepark Intermediate

  • Street Skate Basics + 

Gaby moved to Denver from the swampy gulf coast of Florida nearly 8 years ago. In March of 2018, she put on a pair of hand-me-down quad skates and joined her local roller derby league - and the rest is history. 

With a strong background in roller derby and park skating, Gaby loves to instill her friends and students with confidence and the proper skills to conquer any environment.


When she isn’t skating, she loves to explore everything Colorado has to offer - from hiking and camping to snowboarding and conquering 14ers, she’ll be your friend no matter your outdoor activity.