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Austin Hendrix

Inline Skate Instructor

I grew up in a college town in rural Southeastern Georgia. Besides the college and the town it was basically all farmland for hours in any direction. I tried team sports for most of my early years but always felt like an outsider.

In middle school skateboarding became the first sport that actually cared about. The only reason I even knew about it was because of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and the X-Games. The first time I ever went to a skatepark it was a big deal because the nearest skatepark to my hometown was two hours away at that time. I saw this guy rollerblading there with K2 Backyard Bobs and he was killing it in my twelve year old eyes… I said to myself “Wow- he’s having WAY more fun than me!” and that winter my parents gave me my first pair of skates for my birthday- K2 Enemies. I basically never skateboarded again.

Inline skating saved me from a lot of the pain of growing up. Whatever the season and whatever the reason I needed one, I always had my outlet. I skated alone for years- some of my friends in high school tried it but most of them gave it up eventually. We never really had a place to skate, so I got kicked out of every area of town and eventually I even got arrested because I was inlining at the courthouse annex. They took me to jail in my socks.

Eventually I met a crew of rollerbladers in Savannah, GA and my life changed in a tremendously positive way. A few years later I moved to North Carolina and eventually wound up in Charlotte and befriended the Ośo Skatepark crew. Something I’ve seen for myself in my travels is that inline skating is probably one of the most welcoming communities out there and I’m very proud to be a part of it and pass down those traditions.

I had always wanted to live in Colorado since visiting as a child- and once I visited as an adult and I realized how many free public skateparks are around this place, it became paramount in my mind that I move here. It took me a long time to do it but I made it. And ever since then things just seem to keep falling in place.

I am so excited to be a part of the Denver Skates Shop Team! This is my first sponsorship EVER. I am more motivated than ever to share my love for skating and I will be teaching lessons soon, if you are in the area hit me up! You know I’m down!!!

Austin Hendrix