Wellness on Wheels

A community of rad skaters who are seeking to leave their body better than they found it.

I’m Makinna—some of you may know me as Kinna or @Spacecase.on.Skates! I am a certified athletic trainer, a certified reflexologist, and a die-hard roller skater. If you have seen me on skates, you know I’m a jumping bean! And if you know me at all, you know I always try to “leave it better than I found it.” That goes for skateparks, humans, myself, etc.

What is Wellness on Wheels?


4-week virtual circuit designed to change the stigma around what skaters can and can’t do for themselves as a base foundation of wellness.


Live, weekly group class where you’ll learn the how, when, and why of body recovery when it comes to skating. ​


Disclaimer: This is off-wheel recovery for on-wheel success. Don’t let the photo fool you.


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